Freedom of the press belongs to those who can compile one

<![CDATA[Howard Greenstein and I have been wrestling to rebuild, which was another victim of my server crash. The following is typical of our instant messaging of late:
AIM IM with hbgmsft 2:33 PM
Howard: we’re damn close to back in business on correspondences
Howard: thanks to 6 apart
Howard: I have to spend some time tonight putting back templates, etc
Mitch Ratcliffe: great — I finally got to come up. an hour ago
Howard: it’s so easy to blog, anyone can do it !
Howard: not
Mitch Ratcliffe: marketing — bane of our existence
2:35 PM
Howard: freedom of the press belongs to those can compile one
Howard: and you can quote me
Mitch Ratcliffe: that’s a good one….
Howard: give me XML or give me death
Howard: at this point, after working on this for 2.5 hours last night…
Howard: death doesn’t look that nasty
Mitch Ratcliffe: oh, I’ll take liberty and leave the XML on the roadside
Howard: XML is code for Liberty, comrade.
Mitch Ratcliffe: yeah, and we’re in the revolutionary vanguard, struggling to compile a little liberty
Howard: amen brother
Kudos to Six Apart, makers of Movable Type, for their generous help in our reconstruction efforts. Thanks to Howard for all his work on Correspondences.]]>