"Everybody who's anybody"?

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I’m not there and I have hundreds of offers that prove I am a very important industry professional.You probably do too, but this is about Comdex.
CNN is acting like Paris Hilton, ”I’m not there nothing is happening.”
I’d like to see software and hardware “Whack a Developer” Where software companies show up with the developers in the booths, the PR, Keynoters, salesmen, and the rest of the truly clueless can be identified by the large badges identifying there affiliation and the large band of yellow Duct Tape circumnavigating their pie holes.
Having them hold up the company signs would be a plus, but not required.
Getting back to basics would be nice too. TRADE SHOW…you know t r a d e, swapping stuff, some for money, some for retention, some for the hell of it, and maybe even getting questions answered about the crap that you are running that doesn’t quite hit the mark.
Dunk tanks and cream pies for bad answers would be my choice, but these folks would probably drown before the show closed.

Hey, I used to be part of SoftBank Comdex management and I haven’t been in five years…. Seems like the gas has gone out of the idea of packing 150,000 people into a hellhole of a city for four days, but it may be that I’m just anti-social.
What I want to see is year-round discussions and deal-making, like the conversations that sprang up on a bus between two Comdex venues and ended up being an important friendship or business connection.

My first COMDEX was in 1985, so I’ve seen the changes from way back. Gates keynote this year was not very exciting compared to those from the 90’s. No, I was not there live (I guess that means I’m not important), but I did get to see it via webcast.