In the matter of Reality v. Fallacy

<![CDATA[Michael Suileabhain-Wilson writes about Five Geek Social Fallacies that illustrates exactly why many geek-engineered systems are so damned alien to most people. All the fallacies have a single underlying principal in common, that conflict is bad.
Conflict, folks, is good. I’m not saying war is good, but that an argument among friends or would-be friends is far more important to finding out how much people have in common than the assumption that everyone has to get along, co-exist without question and generally tribe up to the bar to face life as an undifferentiated mass of humanity. We’re different, we wouldn’t want to live in a world designed by and governed by guys who could strip down a car’s engine and rebuild it any more than we would want to live in the world determined by the Five Geek Social Fallacies. Variety and debate are the spice of life and out of all that we do learn to live together, despite our differences and often without having to endure one another in the interest of keeping our differences sublimated.]]>