Emergent Democracy Forum

<![CDATA[O'Reilly has announced a day-long conference on emergent democracy that will happen the day before the Emerging Technology Conference in February. The event will be seminal, but then I was on the advisory board. Be there. Here’s the description:

Internet technologies are putting power back into the hands of the people. Using blogs, MeetUp, cell phones, websites, and plain old email, citizen activists have already altered the face of the next US presidential election. In a less-noticed but potentially seismic shift, concerned citizens are using the same tools to have more say in the day-to-day tasks of governing. Are we on the verge of a fundamental shift towards truer democracy, or will these new Internet-fueled tools be co-opted to maintain the status quo?
We’ll address that question and more at the Emergent Democracy Forum, a day that brings together the pioneers who are re-inventing democracy for our networked world. Hear from those who are defying conventional wisdom and changing the rules of the game–whether they’re supporting a political candidate, advocating for a cause, or pulling back the covers on the workings of their local government.
The Emergent Democracy Form will be co-located with the O’Reilly Emerging Technology Conference. The Forum is slated for Monday, February 9, 2004 from 9am – 5pm at the Westin Horton Plaza.