Dean Murder-Suicide?

A week ago, commenter fubar, who was a Dean volunteer in Iowa, described the “murder-suicide” committed by Richard Gephardt in Iowa. Today, Howard Dean launched the same strategy against John Kerry, saying Kerry is the product of a corrupt inside-the-beltway culture.

As I said last week, Gephardt’s strategy was politics as usual and would, if it had been successful, put Gephardt into the front-runner’s position (beating Dean and the field in Iowa would have catapulted any campaign into the lead, as demonstrated by Kerry’s resurgence). The fact is, Dean is now showing how much he is a politician-as-usual, which I’ve been saying for a while.

Author: Mitch Ratcliffe

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2 thoughts on “Dean Murder-Suicide?”

  1. This just shows once again how Dean speaks before thinking. How can he possibly pull out of the race at some future point and ask his supporters to get behind someone who he’s denounced as corrupt?

  2. As the article says, Dean’s statement was in reaction to an AP Torricelli article (one of the most revolting acts of fratricide I’ve seen in a long time). I did a post on it yesterday on NeedleNose (where I’m a contributor). After reading the Torricelli article, I’m not so sure I want to support any Dem candidate this fall (Only half kidding. I’m a card-carrying member of the ABB club).

    Last November, I held my nose and voted for a seriously flawed Gray Davis as California Governor. Not because I wanted him, but because the alternative was so much worse. If Kerry gets the nomination, a lot of us will be forced into pretty much the same position…

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