Ralph Nader would be really bad president

Maybe we need to have the opportunity to vote for someone other than one of the two nominees of the two parties, as Ralph Nader says, but that requires us to ask if Nader would be worth a vote. Here is an accomplished activist, certainly, but has Nader ever demonstrated the ability to build coalitions and to compromise with foes to forge a middle ground on which everyone can live? Pardon me, but Ralph is not good at compromise, as his position on why he should run demonstrates: Simply having another choice doesn’t increase the quality or quantity of democracy in a society. It can lead, through fragmentation of potential coalitions along arbitrary differences, to extremism by a minority government… exactly as it did in 2000 whence last Ralph ran.

It wouldn’t do any good to beg Nader to not to run, as that would only engage his ego even more. But there is no way on Earth or any other inhabitable planet that I would vote for Ralph Nader to be my president, because he’s not prepared to be president. He would be an excellent Secretary of HUD, Interior or HHS, because of his mastery of consumer and environmental policy, but not a good president.

Author: Mitch Ratcliffe

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One thought on “Ralph Nader would be really bad president”

  1. Hear, hear.

    P.S. I just read that the DNC is freaked about Nader siphoning off the young activist crowd that used to go for Dean. Be funny if they tried to engage Dean to keep the kids from bolting the party.

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