When cousins marry are they better than gays who marry?

George W. Bush’s home state, Texas, is one of the states that allow first cousins to marry. Those unions are recognized by other states, despite the known genetic consequences and long-standing kin taboos against marriage of close relatives. So, if Mr. Bush could govern his state without attacking its liberal policies toward first cousins marrying, why can’t he leave well enough alone with the gays? If more than half of U.S. states have laws against cousins marrying, should that be the law of the land? Not in the opinion of Mr. Bush, apparently.

Maybe there are some married cousins in the Walker-Bush dynasty? That would certainly explain Neil Bush.

Author: Mitch Ratcliffe

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2 thoughts on “When cousins marry are they better than gays who marry?”

  1. Mr. Bush is addicted to religion. He used to be a crack addict, but he switched to religion. As a result he became fundamentalist, a most addictive religion. And, his intention is to create a theocracy.

    He can’t ignore the gay thing, because those running the church can’t let go of 14th century doctrine.

    Give Bush enough time, and we will be raising our taxes to build Gothic Cathedrals.

    The major news of the day wasn’t gays though, as Earth shattering or mundane that is. Rather it was the passage of a law granting fetuses legal rights. Killing a fetus is now an offense that can have federal consequences. They say it doesn’t outlaw abortions, but this law will be used to overturn Roe v. Wade, which will do nothing to stop abortions, but will just make them illegal, dangerous, back street, like they were before the innovation of legal abortions. All this effort to change a label and not the reality.

    Anyway, I consider this bill the rapists bill of rights. They say they excluded abortion, but for how long. The administration slipped in an opinion back in year one of the current occupation, post coup, granting the fetus rights.

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