Yes, we have no bananas, no bananas today

I have been working very hard on everything but this blog.

The book, Extreme Democracy, is almost done and is, we hope, really Something Useful.

The newsletters on international business expansion, biotechconnect and techconnect, are going to launch formally next week.

The Red Herring blog, now called The Now, now has my name publicly associated with it, which is nice.

Conservatives: All past all the time

Conservatives see the world as though government and society have grown out of control like a jungle that has overwhelmed a great city. Their battle cry is always “Good lord, what a mess, we must go back!” And they always claim to know better—the fabled “principals” that guide conservatives, though they always seem to be applied opportunistically—rather than treating the rest of society like it deserves a voice in public policy conservatives treat their fellow citizens like a disease.

After all, the people let the great city become overgrown, the conservatives argue, they can’t be trusted to make decisions. Leave it to us, the men who can see clearly where we went wrong.

We’ll fix everything, we’ll take you back to a time when life was good and moral. What date and time, I wonder, was exactly the height of human moral and political achievement?

If the past is all it is purported to be by our friends on the right, full of a fundamentalist’s certainty that only they can see, that they insist we allow them to define free of troubling questions, then we’re going to end up with the kind of society we deserve: Feudalism.