Sean Hannity cries for our leaders because they can't do it themselves

<![CDATA[I read the transcripts of State Department and Department of Defense media appearances and have been struck by the recurring theme in the opening conversations with Secretaries Colin Powell and Donald Rumsfeld by Sean Hannity on his ABC Radio program : He feels sorry for them and thinks it's really quite unfair that anyone should criticize these public servants. Take today's appearance by Secretary Powell:

(5:35 p.m. EDT)
MR. HANNITY: Joining us now on our newsmaker line is Secretary of State, no stranger to these microphones, a good friend, Colin Powell. How are you, sir?
SECRETARY POWELL: Hi, Sean, how are you today?
MR. HANNITY: You know, I’ve got to be honest, I don’t know — you really sacrifice for your country, and I, you know I read this stuff about you guys being under attack. You’ve got to get sick of this.
SECRETARY POWELL: Oh, it’s just part of business up here in Washington, and, you know, Sean, you just come in here every day, as I try to do, and as the President does, and do what you think is right for the American people and just drive through all of this.
MR. HANNITY: Well, you know something, you don’t get this credit enough. You know, Mr. Secretary, you could be out on the speaking circuit, you could be out writing books and making millions and millions of dollars a year, but you wanted to go back and serve your country. And I just wish the level of rhetoric in this country, especially from the left towards conservatives right now, would slow down, and I wish there would be some consideration of the personal sacrifice that people like you and other people give to the country.

Enough said. Mr. Hannity dishes out truckloads of abuse and cries foul at legitimate questions about American policy making that has, so far, led to the deaths of 900 U.S. soldiers and thousands of Iraqi civilians.
Who started the attack politics? Mr. Hannity certainly had some part in it.]]>