Extreme Democracy: The Online Book

<![CDATA[Jon Lebkowsky and I have put together a book about the online activism of the past 18 months and what it means for politics generally. We're going to be doing a post-election version of the book for a publisher to be named, but have permission to place what we have now online at, so that folks can read and use the ideas therein during this election cycle. With essays by Howard Rheingold, Steven Johnson, Joi Ito, Jim Moore and others, the book can be downloaded and read in PDF form, and there’s a blog interface for joining the discussion.
The first half of the book is posted now and the rest will be up shortly. Join the discussion.]]>

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Extreme Democracy
Via JoiIto, a blogsite for discussion (and evolution) of the Extreme Democracy book by Jon Lebkowsky and Mitch Ratcliffe – “about the online activism of the past 18 months and what it means for politics generally.””Extreme democracy” is a political…

Hi Mitch, I’ll check it out. Sorry to have missed you at the BlogOn, saw you on the list but couldn’t find you in the crowd. When I met with you briefly last year I remember that you were exploring writing a book on emergence (I don’t think I’ve got the term right, but the gist was a philosophy of emergence), is that book still happening?

Editorial commitments kept me away from the conference. Wish we’d connected.
This is the book, in a way, I was talking about last year — my chapters are parts of the work I was putting together then.