Seattle Post-Intelligencer endorses Kerry

Washington may be already be counted in the Kerry column, but I found the reasons for the Seattle P-I’s endorsement of John Kerry to be succinct and on the mark:

Kerry is intellectually and ideologically equipped to succeed where Bush has failed. The obvious prospects for that success lie in his military, congressional and international experience, his superior intellectual curiosity and willingness to consider dissenting opinions, his commitment to protecting the civil liberties of all Americans and his potential to surround himself with a broad coalition of competent Cabinet members, staff and advisers.

The New Republic has run a very good series, “The Case Against Geoge W. Bush,” which has focused on Bush’s lack of curiosity and bloated self-aggrandizement that makes the same point in 18,000 words. What’s notable about the TNR argument is that magazine was aned is staunchly behind the war in Iraq, but still thinks we have the wrong commander in chief to win the peace.

You should read both, but the P-I’s makes short work of the reasons Kerry would be a better president.

Author: Mitch Ratcliffe

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