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Another Republican for Kerry

<![CDATA[Robert George, an editorialist for the conservative New York Post writes in The New Republic that George W. Bush has betrayed conservative values:

[W]hat are conservative values? Two of the core principles at the heart of modern conservatism are a belief in the virtue of smaller government and a conviction that government must be accountable to the public…. the Bush administration’s free-spending fiscal record only hints at its larger rejection of conservative principles. The more fundamental betrayal arises from the administration’s central focus: an ill-defined “war on terror” that has no determinable endpoint and that is used to justify an unprecedented expansion of executive power. To make matters worse, this administration shows little inclination to demand accountability from those who serve within it.
No, a Kerry administration would not be any conservative’s ideal. But, on limited government, a Democratic president would, arguably, force a Republican Congress to act like a Republican Congress. The last such combination produced some form of fiscal sanity. And, when it comes to accountability, one could hardly do worse. Of course, a conservative can still cast a libertarian vote on principle. 
At crucial points before and after the Iraq war, Bush’s middle managers have failed him, and the “brand” called America has suffered in the world market. In any other corporate structure plagued by this level of incompetence, the CEO would have a choice: Fire his middle managers or be held personally accountable by his shareholders. Because of his own misguided sense of “loyalty,” Bush won’t dismiss anyone. That leaves the country’s shareholders little choice.


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I just don’t get it. What is it about John Kerry that so many people are afraid of? I guess these old stereotypes of tax-and-spend liberal die hard. Clinton was fiscally conservative, and there’s no indication that Kerry would be any different. It’s good to see that John Kerry has a strategy for closing this campaign out with some ‘closing arguments’. This idiocy over ‘Massachusetts Liberal’ has lingered far past its expected death…