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Cool—Casting about for everything; Dawn of the PJ

<![CDATA[Feedster delivers, rich media RSS feeds. Particularly interesting is the Enclosure Watch at the bottom of the page, which shows that in the roughly three months since RSS media enclosures capture public attention, 165,326 enclosures have been posted to the Web.
Here’s what will define success for the enterprising podcaster: Clever production and combinations of content that defy simple categorization. A podcast like Evil Genius Chronicles, which is about just about anything on Dave Slusher’s mind, may be talk, but it’s not just about tech or music or anything else. Say hello to Vague Verticals (in the marketing sense) defined by the breadth of subjects and the personality interested in those subjects instead of the narrowness of subjects covered by a program.
How long will it be until we start talking about PodJockeys—call them PJs, a la VJs from the introduction of MTV and DJs from the dawn of popular music on the airwaves?]]>