Business US: birth of "Keeping People Connected"

<![CDATA[ US: birth of “Keeping People Connected”:
It happens in Indiana, USA and the evolution is quite interesting. First, this little media group from the Middle-West – The News-Sun, The Evening Star or the Herald-Republican – radically changes its name: “For years we had been known as Kendallville Publishing Co. For some people, that’s what we’ll always be, even though it’s an image that isn’t quite true anymore… Finally, the change was officially made to KPC Media Group Inc. with the “KPC” part reinterpreted as “Keeping People Connected.” It’s a very clever name because “Keeping People Connected” is the main asset of newspapers. Offline and online. Second, the group recently decided shift towards a paid model: “The first change you’ll notice at the beginning of February 2005 is that the Web site will be moving to a paid model. That is a huge shift, and one worth talking about.

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