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raving lunacy: Owning your content

<![CDATA[raving lunacy: Owning your content:
This is my favorite as the letter is telling everyone that we are not smart enough to understand the difference between a multi-million dollar, flash ‘enhanced’, cookie hammering, website for new cars and a wrecking yard website whose opening paragraph states; is an Independant Auto Recycler providing parts and services for and has a Disclaimer so as not to create confusion.
Blogging has not only given everybody the opportunity to have a soapbox, but with syndication, comments, and trackbacks has given us a really, really, big loudspeaker. We have the ability to do some serious trash talking, some significant fact checking, share opinions, observations, first hand reporting, and engage in transparent dialog. Understanding the old chestnut, opinions are like assholes and everybody has one, given a choice in my writing I would prefer to be known as opinionated rather than an asshole. But that is your call.
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