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Online auctions: The tarnish appears

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The number of complaints filed with the Federal Trade Commission over Internet auctions has nearly doubled over the last two years, the agency said Tuesday.

More than 98,000 grievances about online auction transactions were filed with the FTC in 2004, up from 51,000 in 2002, according to the agency’s annual report on consumer fraud and identity theft complaints.

The online auction concerns covered issues ranging from the failure of sellers to deliver their goods or services to the winning bidder to consumers claiming that their new purchase wasn’t worth the money they paid.

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2 replies on “Online auctions: The tarnish appears”

It appears that there are more and more of these guys around. There are two things that raise the suspicion that the person is intending to commit a fraud is if he wants to have items shipped to Nigeria or “West Africa” and speaks like …”I will like to purchase,. I will like to pay with cc…” etc, and also if the above is true and his email address is or . If the person is in that part of the world, it is impossible that he can get .com email address. Period.

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