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Ross Mayfield from the Content Industry Outlook

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2005 is about the 4 Cs. Cooperation, Commercialization, Containerization and Consolidations. Cooperation: publishers, advertisers and search partnering around highly contextual audiences, authors and markets (weblogs, wikis and social networks), institutional clients and content technologists, instiutions and public content outlets.

Easy to remember, and dead on. I’d add that the collection of information within these cooperative, contextual, containerized markets will require a consolidation point where the flow of value can be fully analyzed and expressed—which is what Persuadio is aiming to provide—allowing all the sources of data to develop their value within the context of full-market views.
Ross goes on, reporting that these are the winners and losers:


• monetizers of contextual value

• close to the user

• leverage affordable power of publishing

• source-agnostic content integrators

• licensors creating useful content objects


• product centric (vs. user centric

• under investors in content technologies

• anyone wishing that it would all be simple again