Art marries science and you get deep insight

Edge: THE MATHEMATICS OF LOVE: A Talk with John Gottman:

A scientific approach to the study of families and relationships makes a real difference. The reason for us getting all these significant effects changing up to 75 percent of couples, in a very short time period, is because all we’re doing is studying the people who cope well and how they’re different from the people who don’t cope well; in this case it’s about relationships. It’s not rocket science, it’s very simple science, like observing how stars and planets move. Primitive science. And with that knowledge, with good information, people just take it and use it and run with it. So it’s a matter of really changing what people know.

This is an interesting perspective, very like what we believe we’re beginning to suss out of data with Persuadio’s tools. What I particularly like about this is the statement that it is “very simple science,” which I believe is true of many of the discoveries we’re going to make about human systems as more and more data is collected and analyzed.

Author: Mitch Ratcliffe

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