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Wondir full of answers

<![CDATA[Wondir, a service that links people’s questions to answers provided by others, including domain experts, has launched a new version of itself and, so far, I like what I see. John Battelle covers the high points very well, so let me add a couple thoughts:

  • The service can be embedded into third-party pages as a crawler displaying recent questions being asked. This is a very clever approach to distributing access to intelligence. Allen Searls, who works at Wondir, has an crawler on his Wondering blog.
  • Unlike, for example, which gathered experts under contract, Wondir may distribute compensation (initially they offer just good feelings and the pride of answering questions well) to all comers; I think that’s a vastly superior approach for experts, who can accrue revenue based on time they contribute once there is a clear economic model—it’s certainly far better than working for a company almost 10 years and then seeing it sold for almost a half-billion dollars without the guides getting a significant share of the liquid value created.

Check it out.]]>