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It's a book, it's printed on demand

<![CDATA[Extreme Democracy by Jon Lebkowsky , Mitch Ratcliffe (Book) in Books > Communication & Media > Media & Politics

Edited by Mitch Ratcliffe and Jon Lebkowsky, Extreme Democracy is a collection of writings by leading thinkers about the Internet’s impact on media and politics. Authors include Joichi Ito, James F. Moore, Clay Shirky, Mitch Ratcliffe, Steven Johnson, Ken White, Valdis Krebs, Ross Mayfield, David Weinberger, danah boyd, Philip J. Windley, Ph.D., Jon Lebkowsky, Adam Greenfield, Britt Blaser, Aldon Hynes, and Adina Levin.
At last, the collection Jon and I edited has made its way to the market. The PDF is free, but if you want the material goodness of a book that can be dog-eared, annotated and referred to with the awe that goes with such pulpy artifacts, you can order a copy for your home library, school library or briefcase.]]>

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Cluster me
Piece on Grokker from TDavid at Things That Make you go Hmm. Tried it yesterday and liked it but was suprised that after drilling down into the visual search array that I couldn’t click-through to the links listed and see

Congratulations .. where do I order a hard copy ?
It’s not imediately evident from the blog post.