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<![CDATA[ – NFL – In-house video meant to train 49ers players causes stir – Wednesday June 1, 2005 9:00PM:

An in-house video meant to prepare 49ers players for dealing with the media backfired on the NFL team Wednesday after it was leaked to the San Francisco Chronicle. The 15-minute film, featuring racist jokes, lesbian soft-porn and topless blondes, features the team’s public relations director, Kirk Reynolds, impersonating San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom in the mayor’s office and other city scenes.

Reynolds goes on to claim that this is not who he is, it was just a kind of parody. It is hard to imagine how using soft-core porn and topless babes in a video does anything to prepare a bunch of football players for dealing with the press and public like adults that haven’t been coddled since junior high school.
Note to anyone thinking they can make a video of questionable taste and not have it get out (In fact, see it here): Don’t be so fucking stupid.]]>