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Firmly in the "He is a hero" camp

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Is Felt a traitor or hero? To me he’s a hero. (And I was working for President Dickster-Trickster in the WH at the time.) But the far bigger issue is that thing they taught all of us junior military types: Despite the overwhelming Rule of Order in the Military, one must not obey an illegal order.

Love the comments in response to Tom Peters’ posting, where a troglodyte does this Clinton-was-worse thing and accuses Woodward and Bernstein of “making it up as they went along,” totally ignorant of how research works—you discover facts that begin to add up. The facts in the Nixon case were that he was a crook who tramped all over the Constitution. Ben Stein disagrees, but he was a Nixon speechwriter, a fact he conveniently neglects to mention in his attack on W. Mark Felt, in which he calls JFK a “lying, conniving drug addict.”
Class act, that Ben Stein, a handy shill to have around when one of the heros of the Watergate scandal finally feels it is safe to reveal his identity without paying a very high price. Good thing he wasn’t tied up doing a game show or something important so that he could spend some pundit time on Felt, eh?
Remember, this is where the suffix “-gate” that has been applied to every scandal for the past 30 years came from; it’s the definitive scandal, but the neocons are using the “Deep Throat” revelation as another opportunity to rewrite history.]]>