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Why aren't we listening?

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Today my friend Luke sent the Feindz an article posted by Bob Harris on This Modern World called, The New Deep Throats: Collect ‘Em All!. Gawd! Harris is so freakn’ right! The world isn’t lacking in people, or evidence, to blow the whistle on tha Shrub (aka Bush tha second) and his ‘Sunshine Boys’. IT’S JUST THAT THE MEDIA ISN’T ALLOWED TO ACT ON REAL MUCK!

It’s not just that we aren’t acting on real muck, but that real muck is discouraged as unpatriotic and not simply the kind of sour grapes Mark Felt (who was passed over for FBI Director by Nixon) is being accused of. The link points to a long list of modern Deep Throats, like Richard Clarke, who have called bullshit on the Bush Administration. We should be listening to them and, more importantly, someone with a press or network at their disposal (even bloggers) need to spend the time to report these stories until they are fully documented and their ongoing consequences (Americans and Iraqis killed unnecessarily, for example) are understood.]]>