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<![CDATA[Marc Canter sends this note today:

…Broadband Mechanics will be utilizing this technology in all our future micro-content publishing systems and DLAs (digital lifestyle aggregators) so we thought it would be useful to the entire industry as well…. would enable end-users to register their favorite tool of choice so that wherever they traveled on the web, by simply clicking on the ‘ReBlg’ button – they could easily send that post to their favorite tool.  If the end-user doesn’t want to rely upon our web service, then they can simply download a MIME handler to do that routing for them….

I think I understand this, though I seldom think about MIME handlers anymore. It’s a convenient republishing router that can be embedded in any page to call a local blogging or page editing tool, but the explanation needs to be crystal clear for people to glom onto the ease-of-use Marc’s talking about.

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Why would you want this on your site? Easy: It helps people talk about you, your ideas, your product, your coverage of events. It’s an information accelerator.]]>