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Reality sets in: This President is irresponsibly indifferent to the people

<![CDATA[Paul Krugman—A Can’t-Do Government – New York Times:

Maybe administration officials believed that the local National Guard could keep order and deliver relief. But many members of the National Guard and much of its equipment – including high-water vehicles – are in Iraq. “The National Guard needs that equipment back home to support the homeland security mission,” a Louisiana Guard officer told reporters several weeks ago.

As I said the other day, the death in New Orleans is the result of indifference to the general needs of the people of the United States in favor of a war that is essential only to the political program of the president. The President said today that he completely disagreed that Iraq had soaked up resources that could have been used to evacuate people before Katrina—he said there are ample resources for both the war and domestic crises, which was flatly untrue in the face of the facts. Another Times editorial stands with with the argument I made Sunday night:

One lasting lesson that has to be drawn from the Gulf Coast’s misery is that from now on, the National Guard must be treated as America’s most essential homeland security force, not as some kind of military piggy bank for the Pentagon to raid for long-term overseas missions. America clearly needs a larger active-duty Army. It just as clearly needs a homeland-based National Guard that’s fully prepared and ready for any domestic emergency.

The President says he will “delegate to the best experts” in rebuilding New Orleans, but at the same time his FEMA director blames the poor in New Orleans who wanted to but could not evacuate from a city where a fifth of the population is too poor to own a car. Mr. Bush’s team treats the poor like a burden they’d be better off without.
I watch this man laugh and chuckle with reporters about how people don’t understand the need for patience and it makes me sick. He should be impeached for incompetence and ignorance and indifference.

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