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GoogleNet: Google on every channel

<![CDATA[Google TV Coming – Expect Both GiVo & TVSense:

Spotted via Inside Google, news from Adam Lasnik of a job posting for a product manager for Google TV. Google TV? Yeah, we and others have written before about how TV is going to converge with search. I talked about the Windows Media Center as one part of this earlier this year. TiVo Talks to Google and Yahoo from April provides more examples. The job posting shows Google’s planning to move well ahead with TV plans, both with making more television searchable and getting ads out there, as part of it. Wonder if we’ll be seeing contextually-targeted TVSense-like ads coming, now.

The GoogleNet is not about Wi-Fi, it’s about creating channels for content hosted and delivered by Google with AdSense advertising—remember, Google already offers free storage of video to all comers. Google is not going to be a wireless carrier, instead it’s still all about advertising revenue—the company is not diversifying, it is raising the advertising stakes.
The Wi-Fi network will be mostly virtual, built on security services that connect users through third-party wireless nodes to Googlespace while simultaneously collect information about the user’s interests to better target advertising. After all, Google arch-nemisis, Microsoft, is projecting paid search will grow to $28.8 billion by 2008, a 71.4 percent increase over this year.

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