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Does anyone else think it's strange that Google's campus is a gated community?

<![CDATA[ | 09/29/2005 | Assessor will try to make Google pay property taxes:

As part of the deal, Google plans to build hundreds of new homes and carve out roads on a stretch of the 213-acre research campus. In 2002, Mountain View cleared the research park’s bid for 4.2 million square feet of new construction, including up to 2,000 homes for any new tenant.

“Obviously if they are building enough housing for workers, that’s wonderful,” said Mountain View City Councilman Greg Perry. But Perry was wistful that the company decided to duck inside the federal borders and deny the city property tax revenue. By building on federal land, Google would avoid potentially millions of dollars in annual property taxes.

The prescience of William Gibson and Neal Stephenson, who imagined worlds where corporations were like countries, self-contained private work/residence facilities insulated from geographic responsibilities, so that the non-corporate world turned into a giant slum, is coming to pass. If you’ll recall, these companies weren’t a Good Thing.

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2 replies on “Does anyone else think it's strange that Google's campus is a gated community?”

Arcologies, Gibson called them. And a more interesting predicition he and Stephenson both made was that the creators of IP (Intellectual Property) would become so valuable that the ’employees’ would have to spend their lifetimes on campus. The only way out was hostile covert kidnapping actions, or desperate, special ops facilitated escapes.
Like Microsoft v. Google, don’t you know…