I'll be damned, the sky can fall



President Bush and Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld contemplate the shit storm they and their party have brought down on the United States. Shit showers are expected over the weekend and throughout the coming years, until the whole Bush Bunch have been jailed for high crimes and misdemeanors.


2 replies on “I'll be damned, the sky can fall”

You have got to kidding me! It boogles the mind to think you believe what you have written. I found this blog by accident but I am never going to return on purpose. Grow up!

Goodbye, Romeo. Your hilarious self-righteousness willl not be missed.
Believe what I wrote? Absolutely. This administration is a stain on the history of the United States that will be years repairing. It’s unreflective hypocrisy and the mindless sanctimony it encourages in its supporters have polluted the American soul.
I notice, too, that you are “leaving for good” just as you yourself tried to justify in another thread images of the destruction of a place of worship, something that the Taliban, not a great country, engages in.
We will be a better country when these criminals are out of the White House and in jail—they’ve committed high treason in the Plame case, engaged in active corruption in federal contracting, and generally slashed the public investments in American opportunity, to name just a few of the criminal and unethical actions of the Bushies. Good riddance.