Miers: Color me not baffled

<![CDATA[Longtime Confidante of Bush Has Never Been a Judge – New York Times:

President Bush nominated Harriet E. Miers, the White House counsel, as his choice to replace Justice Sandra Day O’Connor this morning, his second nominee for the Supreme Court in the past two and half months.

So, when the president is faced with growing criticism that his cronyism is costing the country dearly, what does he do? He appoints an ultra-crony to the Supreme Court; not just a crony with no judicial credentials to be judged by the Senate or the public. The dude is just plain stubborn to a fault.
Bush touted the fact that Ms. Miers has been called one of the most powerful lawyers in the country, which, of course, only indicates that she has close connections to a president. It is a non-qualification or negative quality for a Supreme Court nominee, if Mr. Bush is concerned about keeping his promise that the court should not be politicized. Besides serving as White House counsel, basically as Mr. Bush’s lawyer, and several other Bush White House positions that may or may not have put her at the heart of discussions about Valerie Plame, Enron and other scandals, her only public service has been as the head of the Texas Lottery.
Why does the phrase “You’re doin’ a heck of a job, Brownie” seem to echo in the wind today?]]>

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Never a judge? Let us not rush to judgment. Let the process work. Perhaps, unknown to the illustrious New York Times, it will be determined at the hearings that Ms. Miers has judged an Arabian horse show.
Sadly, I believe this a smart move on Rove’s part. If, through some miracle, she gets in then Bush has a long time friend who owes him big time on the court. If, and this seems more likely, she is rejected then the Democrats will have greater difficulty rejecting the next, only slightly less outrageous, candidate.

Michael—I’ve got no problem letting the process work, but I also reserve the right as a citizen to make observations about the qualifications of a prospective Supreme Court justice. This Harriet Miers, whether the subject of the Times’ coverage or just described by her resume, has all the hallmarks of a Bush crony: Her main “qualification” seems to be that she is a friend of W.
We should all be a lot more aggressive in our questioning of the outrageous audacity of this administration; it’s really unfortunate that, as you rightly point out, if Miers proves as typically mediocre as other Bush appointees, the next candidate will be only slightly less so (or, I would expect, even more outrageous, because Rove will paint any objections to a *second* second appointee as “political”).