Pollution: A great way to get chicks

<![CDATA[news @ – Pollution makes for more girls – The stress of dirty air skews sex ratios in Sao Paulo.:

Toxic fumes favour the fairer sex, a group of researchers in Brazil has found.

Jorge Hallak and his team at the University of Sao Paulo turned up the surprising result by studying babies born in their city. They divided the metropolis of 17 million people into areas of low, medium and high air pollution, using test results from air-quality monitoring stations. They then studied birth registries of children born from 2001 to 2003.

The team found that 48.3% of babies were female in the least polluted areas, but 49.3% were female in the dirtiest parts of town. After measuring the ratio of boys to girls born in all the areas, they calculated that 1,180 more babies would have been boys in the polluted areas if they had the same sex ratios as the cleaner areas.

History is a male-orchestrated scam to increase the number of women available for dating, sex and marriage. It’s all about getting women.

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