Not writing as much about politics?

I was over at Rob and Dana Greenlee’s to record Webtalk today and he asked why I wasn’t writing as much about politics lately. It’s simple: The Bush Administration is doing such a good job of damning itself these days that it would be redundant to point out their foibles as much as I have at other times.

The Bushies are like the mean old man down the block who yelled at anyone who walked by his house, everyone calls him a mean old bastard. But one day he wakes up mad as a hatter and stands in his yard stabbing himself in the head with his wife’s old knitting needles. You don’t feel angry anymore and don’t call him a mean old bastard; and in the case of Bush and cronies, it’s impossible not to feel sad about what they’ve done to the country and what the country is doing to itself.

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Author: Mitch Ratcliffe

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One thought on “Not writing as much about politics?”

  1. Mad as a hatter is right. Although I work in Lakewood now, at one point I did live in Crawford. I’ve drafted a letter withdrawing my name from consideration as the next Supreme Court Associate Justice, just in case. I have no legal experience, but you never know.

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