Alito: The Right-Right’s Prayers Answered

An Embattled and Weakened Bush Goes Nuclear:

Just like in the Miers nomination, Democrats are largely bystanders here. Unlike Miers and Roberts, there’s no way we’re going to vote for Alito. Not a prayer. So the heavy lifting now falls on so-called “moderate” Republicans who are looking at Bush’s track record, looking at the incomprehensible political violence of this nomination, looking at the Republican’s rapidly eroding 2006 prospects, and who need to come to some decision on whether or not they’re going to hitch their wagon to Bush’s increasingly skeletal horse.

This could be a night of long knives against the moderate and old-school-members of the Republican Party. Or they could decide to put on the uniform, and for once and for all march with the new theocrats. A very, very dangerous situation for them, for us, and for America.

The rest of us are just salsa for the dipping as the fundamentalist’s feast on their political capital. Get ready to roll back the 20th century’s gains in civil rights, suffrage, and regulatory rules.

Fortunately, based on the far Right’s insistence that Miers should answer questions about judicial philosophy, there is now precedence for hard questions directed at Judge Alito’s respect for stare decisis and modernism.

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Author: Mitch Ratcliffe

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