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Chalabi: We scratch each other's backs

<![CDATA[Nothing Aside: Chalabi in DC: Ahmed Chalabi, unindicted co-conspirator in the race to war in Iraq, had this to say at the American Enterprise Institute tonight….

“I have a multi-dimensional relationship with the Bush administration.”

I suppose this means he lies about a variety of subjects, to them and on their behalf depending on Chalabi’s opportunity to further his own agenda.
The notes come from Kris Lofgren, who also recounts dashing down a street in conversation with Christopher Hitchens. Hitchens makes a bizarre suggestion that based on Chalabi’s knowledge of one area of mathematics (incorrectly identifying him as a cryptologist, though in comments this is disproved), was able to crack American codes in his spare time. Further evidence that Hitchens has either addled himself completely or has thoroughly consumed the faith-based world view in which everything is as you want it to be to support your own agenda.

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