Check me on this: No AdSense, no spam

I dropped the Google AdSense ads from my blog on Thursday. What can I say, the $3.50 or so I make each month just isn’t worthwhile for all the real estate I gave Google to advertise itself on my pages.

Since that time, I haven’t received any spam comments. It dropped from hundreds a day to none, zero, nada.

Now, it may be a coincidence, but good golly, dropping AdSense has saved me a lot more time than the ad revenue ever would have paid for.

Does anyone have similar or contradictory experience to share? Am I just imagining this?

UPDATE: I’m prepared to conclude it was a coincidence, as I am under a new wave of spam comments. Seems the robots were on a break.

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Author: Mitch Ratcliffe

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5 thoughts on “Check me on this: No AdSense, no spam”

  1. Rob,

    I listen to every podcast of yours in the car on the way to University.

    Wow… can’t believe you just replied to a post of mine 🙂 ha! the web is a tiny place!

  2. Robin—Hey, it’s my obligation to you, after all you’re the one who was gracious enough to stop by, read my piece and think about it, then take the time to write.

    The bad news is that there were six spam comments later in the day, but that’s still only about 4 percent of a normal day.

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