Have my RSS talk to your RSS

<![CDATA[Microsoft’s new RSS twist:

RSS feeds are streams of data commonly used by people to receive news and information. But what about using them for two-way sharing of information? Microsoft offered up that concept today in what it calls Simple Sharing Extensions, or SSE. The FAQ explains:

For example, SSE could be used to share your work calendar with your spouse. If your calendar were published to an SSE feed, changes to your work calendar could be replicated to your spouse’s calendar, and vice versa. As a result, your spouse could see your work schedule and add new appointments, such as a parent-teacher meeting at the school, or a doctor’s appointment.

Very slick implementation of RSS. Apparently, based on Ray Ozzie’s comments, the SSE system facilitates collaborative interaction by taking some old Notes concepts (tie-breaking which version of data is most current, for example), XML-ifies them, and making subscriptions bi-directional to ensure that further updates are propagated to all participants in a group. Dave Winer likes the idea.

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