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We will not go quietly into that dark night

<![CDATA[The Washington Monthly:

Today, two of the Denver Three, with assistance from the ACLU, are taking the next logical step. They’re taking the matter to court.White House event staffers unlawfully removed two Denver residents from a town hall discussion with President Bush because of an anti-war bumper sticker on their car, charged the American Civil Liberties Union in a federal lawsuit filed today.

“The government should not be in the business of silencing Americans who are perceived to be critical of certain policy decisions,” said ACLU Senior Staff Attorney Chris Hansen, who is the lead counsel in this case. “The president should be willing to be in the same room with people who might disagree with him, especially at a public, taxpayer-funded town hall.”

It’s a lawsuit that could raise a variety of interesting, and potentially damaging, questions for the Bush White House.

For example, does the White House have a formal policy for evicting law-abiding ticket-holders from public events? Who gives directions to event staffers about their responsibilities? How are people working at these events recruited and trained? Are they specifically told to engage in viewpoint discrimination? Does the White House encourage this approach?

I’ll be sending my $100 donation to the ACLU. You can, too. Remember, America and liberty are for everyone, not just those pre-screened by the Bush Administration.

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