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Young writers: A job to apply for….

<![CDATA[TPM Media LLC | Announcement:

TPM Media LLC, publisher of and is looking for two enterprising and energetic journalists to staff a new blog focused on wall-to-wall coverage of corruption, self-dealing and betrayals of the public trust in today’s Washington.

With a format and style similar to, the two reporter-bloggers will break stories with original reporting, in addition to digging into public records and published reports to bring together the context, impact and significance of evolving stories covered only episodically in the daily press.

Both jobs offer the opportunity to be involved at the forefront of a new kind of journalism, combining original reporting with the free-wheeling tone, style and accessibility of blogs.

Applicants must be able to write well and write fast, as well as have a knack for distilling complex stories into clear and meticulously factual prose. Journalism experience is a big plus. A deep familiarity with the world of blogging and national politics are both a necessity.

This is the kind of dream posting I’d have been looking for as a young writer, so don’t pass it by. At my “advanced” age, I don’t want to move to Washington or New York, but if there is a cooler job listing on the Internet today, I’d be surprised.

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