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New Mac mail client needed

<![CDATA[Apple Mail has become profoundly unstable and Microsoft Entourage isn't much better. I have an archive of 60,000+ messages to manage and need an alternative to having the mail application lock up or crash every five minutes.
Any recommendations?

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4 replies on “New Mac mail client needed”

Mailsmith. It’s a great piece of software that has robust, grep-based searches (if you want that), uses mbox mailbox format internally for backups and compatibility, and eschews HTML. If you get an HTML email that you *want* to see as HTML, you click a browser button in the mail window or mail preview and it displays it in…a browser. Very nice. I’ve been using it for over three years happily. The tech support is very good, too, as Bare Bones founder is one of the lead programmers on it:

I recommend Eudora for large amounts of email. It may not be pretty, but it can handle large volumes of email. They are working on a all new cocoa version for release some time next year.

I second the Mailsmith recommendation. I have 93,000 messages in 90 mailboxes on a Powerbook G4 (1.25 GHz). It’s sometimes a little slow in filing with that size message database on this class of machine, but it’s not “capital-S Slow.” Anyway, I personally like the “primarily text but easily view html” option, and I also like that the text engine is the same as BBEdit, so my muscle memory works the same in both apps.