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FeedFlare is our initial effort to make this vision a reality; if you’re a publisher or podcaster who shares this vision, or you just want a cooler, livelier, happier feed, then this service is for you.

FeedFlare is a one-step service that enables publishers to configure a very slim “footer” containing customizable actions that will appear beneath each item in a feed. Here’s an example of what FeedFlare looks like to a subscriber of this blog’s feed

This is a solid step in a right direction by Dick Costolo and the gang at FeedBurner. Using metadata this way will allow greater integration of intelligence in the management of feeds. The announcement talks about more browser-friendliness, which is a big plus, but RSS is fading into the communications between applications and, I think, that’s where it will take deepest root. If you can tell a browser what to do with an enclosure, you can also start embedding scripts that tell a calendaring application to confirm availability first, to facilitate finding a time before actually bothering the user with an invitation.
Imagine embedding reputation information in data, which would solve some of the current concerns about collaboratively created knowledge: A “fact” with low reputation scores associated with it would never reach my view of Wikipedia. The DNA of a collaborative environment are surely about extending the public record so that everyone is able to examine the sources of their information and applications put it to work based on our particular style of using knowledge.

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