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Froomkin Blow-up was political, not citizen journo-vs-mainstream journo

<![CDATA[This transcript of a call between Brad DeLong and Josh Harris of the Washington Post, about the role of Republican National Committee eCampaign Director Patrick Ruffini in the attack on blogger Dan Froomkin shows that the kerfuffle isn’t a battle of new and old media, but a neocon attack capitalizing on the controversy over WaPo’s Bob Woodward. Now the Post is ready to fall on its sword, so the neocons struck hard at critics and the Post wasn’t straight about it when interviewed by Jay Rosen.

Brad DeLong’s Semi-Daily Journal:

Q: So you knew [Ruffini] had been a Republican operative in 2004, and didn’t tell that to Jay Rosen?

A: [Ramble of which I caught only scattered phrases] But assuming you aren’t posting this at least immediately… A good relationship between the print Washington Post and WPNI… Happy to answer privately… Really don’t want to be quoted on the record… If you want to call me an idiot without my response, that’s fine…

A: No I want your response.

A; [stream continues] But I shouldn’t respond… I’ve promised people I won’t respond… We need to cool this down… It’s a really a very narrow issue: are there people confused about Froomkin’s role…

Talk about your botched job…. The Post is doing nothing good for journalism by refusing to address this in an honest and open way.
UPDATE: Daily Kos calls for resignations.

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