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Truthiness 101 explains the craptastic state of politics

<![CDATA[Truthiness 101: From Frey to Alito – New York Times:

Democrats who go berserk at their every political defeat still don’t understand this. They fault the public for not listening to their facts and arguments, as though facts and arguments would make a difference, even if the Democrats were coherent. It’s the power of the story that always counts first, and the selling of it that comes second. Accuracy is optional. The Frey-like genius of the right is its ability to dissemble with a straight face while simultaneously mustering the slick media machinery and expertise to push the goods. It not only has the White House propaganda operation at its disposal, but also an intricate network of P.R. outfits and fake-news outlets that are far more effective than their often hapless liberal counterparts.

Yes, that summarizes why the right is successful and the question to ask is, does anyone want the truth anymore or is just good packaging enough? Political discourse—real arguments rather than hyperbolic warfare (see Karl Rove’s simultaneous call for civil campaigns and liberal bashing hyperbole on Friday)—is in a sad state.

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