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Equal opportunity ejections or universal restrictions on speech?

<![CDATA[Cindy Sheehan wasn't the only one ejected from the State of the Union for wearing a t-shirt with a slogan on it. According to Daily Kos, the wife of Republican Rep. C.W. Bill Young was tossed for wearing a t-shirt reading “Support the Troops Defending Our Freedom.”
Pro-Bush folk will point out that anyone with a t-shirt was ejected. The rest of us, who still remember what free expression really means, will recognize neither woman was doing anything illegal. I agree with Glenn Greenwald, who writes:

“…we apparently now have a country where the only ideas allowed to be expressed in our Nation’s Capitol while the President is speaking are ones which glorify the Government and its Leader and where dissenting views are prohibited and will subject someone to arrest. Message cleansing of that sort belongs at a political rally in North Korea, not in Washington, DC.”

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I understand that Republicans plan to promote a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriages, in order to muster support for their party this coming election. In light of this, and all of the bribery and corruption these days; I would like to suggest that an alternative be proposed, that even a lot of the far right voters would find difficult to argue. Feel free to improve on wording as you wish. It’s all yours to run with as you choose. If you have any suggestions, or feedback, contact me at:
The 28th Amendment (proposed)
In keeping with the ideals of the preamble; government officials, are to serve primarily for the general safety, welfare, and the future of the nation’s citizens as a whole. Therefore, no government official may favor, reward, promote, or make more profitable any person, business, or group by government means; unless it is primarily beneficial for, and in the best interest of the citizen’s welfare as a whole. Nor should they implement policies, or enlist others to exploit benefits at the expense of the welfare of other nations, and their citizens.
Thank you!
Warren S. Anderson