More irony from the Gang that couldn’t shoot straight – Cheney accidentally shoots fellow hunter – Feb 12, 2006:

Vice President Dick Cheney accidentally shot and wounded a companion during a weekend quail hunting trip in Texas, spraying the fellow hunter in the face and chest with shotgun pellets.

Seriously, it is really hard to accidentally shoot someone in the face and chest. Vice President Cheney’s time-off is ironically reflective of the way he manages the country.

At least Senator Kerry hit the birds he shot at…. Maybe if Cheney had actually served in the military he’d be more careful with the lives of our soldiers.

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Author: Mitch Ratcliffe

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One thought on “More irony from the Gang that couldn’t shoot straight”

  1. I’m not a gun guy, but isn’t a shotgun a bit excessive to hunt quail? Wouldn’t something like a pellet gun, or perhaps.. oh I dunno… a net, be a bit more appropriate?

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