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Ignorance: Persisting in your arguments long after they are proven wrong

<![CDATA[On Anniversary, Bush and Cheney See Iraq Success – New York Times:

On the third anniversary of a war that they once expected to be over by now, President Bush and senior officials argued Sunday that their strategy was working despite escalating violence in Iraq, even as a former Iraqi prime minister once favored by the White House declared that a civil war had already started.

Three years, many more Iraqis dead than would have died under Saddam in the same period while we would not have lost any troops by simply tightening the cordon around Iraq. A people would rise up against a dictator given ample reason, such as shortages of goods and services while rules live opulently. Real democracy could have been planted without all this death and destruction just by offering to help a self-liberating people.
And the United States government would not have become a government of lies to bolster runaway defense spending.

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