Last week, militarization of the telephone network, this week soldiers on the border

Bush Set To Send Guard to Border:

President Bush tried to ease the worries of his Mexican counterpart yesterday as he prepared for a nationally televised address tonight unveiling a plan to send thousands of National Guard troops to help seal the nation’s southern border against illegal immigrants.

Could we find anything else to keep us so frightened that it requires troops? Hmmm, those Canadian Geese honking through the sky look pretty sneaky and might need to be shot down…. That “threat” will probably justify Air Force patrols over all American cities, if the logic on panic we’re seeing continues.

I concur with The New York Times’ Bob Herbert, who wrote today:

In the dark days of the Depression, Franklin Roosevelt counseled Americans to avoid fear. George W. Bush is his polar opposite. The public’s fear is this president’s most potent political asset. Perhaps his only asset.

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2 thoughts on “Last week, militarization of the telephone network, this week soldiers on the border”

  1. “Don’t worry,” my friend consoled me after GWB was elected to his first term. “How much damage can one man do in four years?”

    He continues to exceed my expectations.

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