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Backing Congressman Adam Smith


I joined a large crowd at the Washington History Museum to help launch Rep. Adam Smith’s re-election campaign this past Thursday evening. I’ve been fortunate to get to know Adam through his staff and have spoken at a couple of the technology events he sponsors in the South Sound each year. For instance, he has been great about getting junior high and high school kids to career fairs at companies like Intel in Dupont. He’s been a big backer of the South Sound Technology Conference each year, as well.
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Adam’s one of the most grounded Congressmen I’ve had the fortune to know. Everything he does is informed by his own experience as a working-class kid growing up in the Seattle area, seeing the vast opportunities created by companies like Boeing and Microsoft emerging around him. Like him, I managed to work my way through college and been fortunate enough to join in the prosperity, but Adam’s aware of how easy it is for kids and adults alike to slip through the cracks. He supports the kinds of investment in people—education investments, small business initiatives and continuing education programs for adults—that preserve and expand opportunities for Puget Sound-area citizens
He has a reasonable and balanced approach to questions of security, domestic and international, and hasn’t sacrificed the environment in the name of energy but voted consistently for market-driven incentives for cleaner industry. As a co-chair of the House New Democratic Network Campaign, he represents the centered politics of consensus that showed what a powerful force for positive change throughout the 20th century and can help reinvigorate the people’s relationship with their representative government during the 21st century.

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Senator Maria Cantwell, whom I also support, was the speaker who introduced Adam. She’s going into what will be a touch re-election campaign against Mike McGavick, an insurance company executive-turned-candidate who, I believe, would deepen the worst faults of the Bush era, driving health costs higher and preventing government from setting standards of safety and health. We should be through with crony-capitalism.
Maria, by contrast, is a pro-growth Democrat with strong environmental credentials who recognizes the people have a powerful voice in government that can help restrain greed and create opportunity for all.
If you agree with me that we need a balanced government that represents everyone, not just a small segment of the wealthy, I hope you’ll contribute to Adam Smith’s campaign and contribute to Maria Cantwell‘s, too.

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