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Slaughter on the rise

<![CDATA[There is no other definition for what is going on in Iraq now than "civil war." Since we demanded credit as liberators, we now must admit we delivered Iraq into a vicious self-immolation masquerading as a functioning state.
The Washington Post reports Scores Of Sunnis Killed in Baghdad:

A deadly wave of violence that began early Sunday in a Sunni Arab neighborhood continued throughout the capital Monday, with car bombs detonating near police patrols and gunmen ambushing a commuter bus.

More than 50 people were killed Sunday when Shiite Muslim militiamen descended on the al-Jihad neighborhood after sunrise, residents said, setting up checkpoints, demanding identification cards and bursting into homes to single out Sunni Arabs to kill. Bodies, some of which appeared to have been tortured, were discarded in the streets, witnesses and Iraqi officials said.

Washington needs to acknowledge reality. Simply “staying the course,” whatever that slogan might mean depending on the Bush Administration’s political needs today, is a destructive path for Iraqis and Americans. We need a truly consistent plan for resolving this conflict and the mess we made of a messed-up land.

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2 replies on “Slaughter on the rise”

Hey Mitch just wanted to give your readers an opportunity to follow along with everything that is happening in Iraq. I am Specialist Patrick Ziegler with United States Central Command. The CENTCOM website can be a good source for press releases, news stories, photos and videos from not only Iraq but all of the CENTCOM Area of Responsibility. Here is a link

Thank you, Patrick. You found this posting fast!
I read the DOD news-issued press info every day, as well, and it is certainly one of many sources we should follow. I urge readers to look far and wide for information, as we need many perspectives to understand the military and foreign policy consequences of events in Iraq.