And if that doesn’t make you feel bad, how about those health insurance costs?

Statistics don’t lie when it comes to the money ordinary lower and middle class people can earn today, as reported in the New York Times, Real Wages Fail to Match a Rise in Productivity:

With the economy beginning to slow, the current expansion has a chance to become the first sustained period of economic growth since World War II that fails to offer a prolonged increase in real wages for most workers.

Add to that slower wage growth the rising cost of living and it’s a bad decade to be poor or middle class in America. Let’s change course.

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About time: An open-data approach to Avian Flu

news @ – Bird flu data liberated – Agreement reached, in principle, to release avian influenza data.:

Researchers studying avian influenza say they have agreed to share data that were previously being kept behind closed doors — a move they hope will speed insights into the virus that threatens to spark a human pandemic.

Astonishing to me that it took this long….

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It’s someone else’s problem, and it’s their fault, too….

Bush Warns It Would Be ‘Disaster’ to Leave Iraq

“We’re not leaving so long as I’m president,” the President said today, leaving the problem of Iraq firmly in the hands of his successor. He also bandied around a lot of psychological and metaphysical ideas, saying our “soul as a nation” and the “psyche of our country” are at risk.

That’s Bushian leadership: State the problem but refuse to provide an answer while making sure any idea offered by the opposition can be spun as a threat to the nation.

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Republicans banking on a win! – House Republicans Invest Big in Preserving Majority:

The generosity of Republican incumbents pushed the party’s House campaign committee to this cycle’s single-month fundraising record for either party, according to reports filed Friday with the Federal Election Commission.

The National Republican Congressional Committee raised $12.6 million in July, of which more than $8.6 million was transferred from the campaign committees of individual House Republicans. Campaign finance law does not limit the amount of these transfers.

There’s nothing money can’t buy, so why not invest in this election? Contribute today to the Democratic campaign of our choice to end the one-party state. After all, Republicans clearly see that spending on this election could buy them at least two more years of cronyarchy.

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Retrograde government

Tax Farmers, Mercenaries and Viceroys – New York Times:

Tax farmers, mercenaries and viceroys: why does the Bush administration want to run a modern superpower as if it were a 16th-century monarchy? Maybe people who’ve spent their political careers denouncing government as the root of all evil can’t grasp the idea of governing well. Or maybe it’s cynical politics: privatization provides both an opportunity to evade accountability and a vast source of patronage.

Paul Krugman explains how in so many ways the Bush Administration has devolved government from a modern system to a feudal cronyarchy.

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The one-percent view

Bush Warns That Terrorists Have the Advantage:

“They’ve got to be right one time,” Bush said at the National Counterterrorism Center in McLean. “We’ve got to be right 100 percent of the time to protect the American people.”

President Bush has reasserted the one percent doctrine in a remarkably defeatist way. Terrorism works by injecting irrational fear into a society. In our case, the terrorists have an ally because that fear serves the Bush political agenda.

A people that is scared are the most pliant, apparently. Let’s prove that view wrong.

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