Poll: Does Edwards has what it takes?

John Edwards for president? A straw poll of TNR readers:

So the question to you is: Does John Edwards have a shot at the presidency in 2008?

Yes. He does. So do a lot of people.

For those of you wondering, I have had follow-up contact from the Edwards team after I suggested at Gnomedex they open their campaign to the world. No definite direction yet, but these people are thinking about the right things.

I haven’t decided to support him over other Democrats, but Edwards certainly has some of the intellect and charisma that made Bill Clinton president.

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Author: Mitch Ratcliffe

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One thought on “Poll: Does Edwards has what it takes?”

  1. Hi Mitch and TRB Readers,

    I recall you asking JRE about having a citizen journalist/blogger to go on the campaign trail with him should he make another run for Our big house–the one we pay for–and the current occupant has not given us much of an ROI on our investment.

    Since Gnomedex (one of the best blogging conferences that I was unaware of until JRE was asked to speak there), there has been one JRE supporter who has attended a few of his events and put her vlogs on Youtube: mbair101. If you look under mbair’s name or John Edwards, or OAC, you will see the one from the Wal-Mart Rally 2 weeks ago, one from last weekend in which JRE had 4 events to attend in Iowa, and I believe mbair is going to see Edwards help Lamont campaign this Thursday, so I suspect there will be another one by Friday.

    While mbair’s work is not the same as someone each day following JRE around, citizen journalists are out there. I was invited to stay with an Iowa blogger and see Elizabeth Edwards. If you look on my blog, in which I borrowed a line from Marc Canter (heh,heh), I have a pic, then links to the report I wrote on OAC (and posted on the DU and DK as well).

    Before Gnomedex, I saw JRE for a few minutes, and mentioned that most of you were more interested in his geek activities, but to be honest with you all about his work in wanting a conversation in many ways, which we know his site enables most of us to do (check my blog under “Very Special Edition of JRE Buzz”)and also to get a feel for why I supported his last candidacy, and would again. The poverty band he wore at Gnomedex is the one I gave him a few days before, and Elizabeth told me (when I gave her one) that John loves that band and wears it all of the time. Indeed he does.

    He is a man of and for the people. And my choice for the next President of the US.

    Thanks for reading. Benny

    PS I had to ask for some help on the lockergnome site, and everyone, regardless of political affiliation was very nice and tried to be helpful in solving my problem.

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