It’s someone else’s problem, and it’s their fault, too….

Bush Warns It Would Be ‘Disaster’ to Leave Iraq

“We’re not leaving so long as I’m president,” the President said today, leaving the problem of Iraq firmly in the hands of his successor. He also bandied around a lot of psychological and metaphysical ideas, saying our “soul as a nation” and the “psyche of our country” are at risk.

That’s Bushian leadership: State the problem but refuse to provide an answer while making sure any idea offered by the opposition can be spun as a threat to the nation.

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Author: Mitch Ratcliffe

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One thought on “It’s someone else’s problem, and it’s their fault, too….”

  1. Ugh! How embarrassing to the American people that such drivel continues to dribble out of the White House from such a rube!


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